This is not the movie I was waiting for….move along

Star Wars Force Awakens Spoilers Coming

Part of being a parent requires you to do things that you may not want to do. For instance, I had no need nor desire to see the newest Star Wars movie right away for multiple reasons. Seeing movies in the theater is such a bad experience. You are pretty much getting ripped off given what they are now charging. Sitting through all the trash they have before the movie actually starts is just a waste of time. My couch is so much more comfortable. I can move around as much as I want. I can have any food I want without getting robbed. I can stop the video for any needed reason. I can snuggle up with family. I can sit directly in front of the screen no matter when I want to see the movie. I could go on and on but you obviously get the point. So when both of my boys said, “Dad can we see the new Star Wars movie during Xmas break?”  and I found out AAA had discounted tickets, I begrudgingly said ok. Actually I think it was more like, ” (sigh) Well… I guess…if… prices….yeah whatever.”

Star Wars Force Awakens Spoilers Coming

So after many times changes and such, we saw it today. The following is my brain dump, laughs, comments, critique and downright insults for this movie.






Star Wars Force Awakens Spoilers Coming





If you haven’t figured it out yet,



Star Wars Force Awakens Spoilers starting NOW!!!!




Old School Scrolling intro and Star Destroyer coming into view to cover planet – Nice homage

Funny how the movie goes out of its way to clarify the whole force thing again. If you recall in the originals, “it was all around us, it binds us…..” then the prequels ruined it by insinuated that not everyone has it because we can test for it to see how much you have. Guessing backlash on that made this a priority.

Interesting to see how they once again placed the “secret plans” into a droid. Kinda nice homage.

Visually stunning fight scene where the Millennium Falcon flies around a Star Destroyer (ok this one is beached) while the people flying the Falcon shoot down … Tie Fighters. I feel like I’ve se…nah..must be me.

In order to shut down the new Death Star Weapon you must shut down the force fie…now wait just a minute. Not only have I seen this once before I’ve seen it twice.

Oh and once again, once you destroy a certain part of the weapon it is now capable of exploding the entire thing. The engineers for the Dark Side have to be the dumbest people I know. Stop building stuff that enables cascading failures.

Did JJ just take the plot from the first/third movie and add a few new characters?

So a storm trooper taken from it’s family; Stop! So they are not clones any more?

So a storm trooper taken from it’s family, trained to be a sanitation trooper… Stop Again! What is the Dark Side doing sending this guy to attack a planet and fight? Shouldn’t he be somewhere cleaning up a mess of some sort?

So a storm trooper taken from it’s family, trained to be a sanitation trooper who can fight, gets cold feet on a mission. Nope, not going to buy it after watching many Clone Wars seasons. If nothing else, the original Stormtroopers I.E. the clones were Bad Arse fighters.

Why does Kylo-Ren even wear a helmet? No seriously, Vader wore one because if he didn’t he’d die. So why does Klo wear one? Also and probably more important, how the hell did Kylo get Vader’s helmet? Not to mention, shouldn’t Kylo know his idol is someone who left the Dark Side and is now a Jedi “Ghost” along with Obi Wan and Yoda? Seriously, he’s had plenty of time to talk with Han, Leia, and Luke to know the entire story.

So we have the New Republic, the First Order, the resistance, and the new / old rebellion?If this one fails will it be called the Second Order? Sorry having a little fun.

The Skywalkers, good or bad, are a family you just want to avoid.

So Rey, who just learned about the force and has only started to take it seriously, is already more powerful then one of the main Dark Side villains with absolutely no training? Really?

So lets review….

You meet Lost sole on dessert planet who gets/finds droid with secret plans. Fights, struggles, etc against Dark Side to get said plans back to Good Side. Lost sole joins Good Side only to find out a generator has to be shut down in order for the Rebels, er um Republic..not right,…… the resistance to blow up the Death Star… I mean the Death Planet. Hey look there is even a big light sabre battle towards the end of the movie. Yup, this movie is nearly identical in every way to the original.

I’m sorry if this sounded a bit negative but I’m still bitter about the prequels. After 30 yrs I wanted a whole new start, new ideas, new ships, etc, etc. and all I got was this. Will I watch any more as they come out. Yes, but not until Netflix sends them.



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Time to give thanks and pray

When I said I wasn’t going to let my last rant be my last post of the year I wasn’t kidding. So here we are again but this time I want to start with a family memory.

The longest running has to be my love of the LaSalette shrine lights. Each year, no matter what the temperature my family would bundle up and make the drive. Our goal each year was to be there about 1/2hr before the lights came on. Once the lights illuminated, we would walk through all the  Advent / Christmas themed displays. Time would slow down and it was a nice thing to look forward too. I’ll admit the crowds have swelled and instead of a quieter solemn feeling things have changed. Getting there is even more difficult due to traffic, some of the light shows are more gee-wizzy to capture the more casual visitor’s attention and there are alot more vendors outside. Sadly, money is tight and from what I have learned, making ends meet is getting harder each year. I pray my grandchildren will someday experience the lights and leave with that wonderful smile I remember getting.

With so much going wrong on in the world I find myself being very happy with all the things I have. Two healthy children, an ever stronger marriage, employment and continued health for all. I pray for the many who do not share my list and hope someday they will.

To end, may God bless your family, may you have peace on earth and may your time with family be some of the best you’ve had.

Merry Christmas





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Sick, sick, sick

Without giving the internet my entire story, I spent some time in the hospital. Needless to say I was not happy about the need but with God’s grace I am on the mend. As I sat there board to tears, it struck me as funny, how sick my room made me feel. The bed was too short, the sheets were rough as hell, the food was practically inedible and the noise and light made it nearly impossible to actually rest and recover. It wasn’t until I left the hospital that I actually started to feel better in a more complete way; mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.

It should make every single person in the US absolutely sick to their collective stomachs when Monsanto et’ al tell us they cannot, or should I say, they would rather not label their GMO crap. When a certain fruit company releases a new product people line up to get it. If you GMO stuff is just that good, people will line up to get it and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. But the way you are acting leads me to believe IF you did properly label when GMO’s are involved, people wouldn’t buy it. So instead you are going heavy on the lobbying, (to rest of us, bribing) in an effort to force the US people to buy your crap without knowing. What utter crap and all under the watchful eye of a President who’s wife has an organic garden at the white house. Makes me sick just thinking of it.

To put this one bluntly, I am sick of being treated like every other person in my group whether I deserve it or not. I’m sick of being a male in the tech sector who is constantly questioned whether I do enough to encourage females into the industry.  Then I reply with, my wife has a masters in CS. Boy does the room go dead quiet after that. Frauds. I’m sick of being labeled a hating Christian until they find out my friends are Methodist, Agnostic, etc, etc and then once again the room gets so quiet you could hear a pin drop. There are other examples but I think you get the message.

This was a negative sort of rant so I will be sure to post another entry soon because we must be beyond positive about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Oh wait, some of you might be hating me for saying that. Ha, see what I did there……..? 😉

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Just makes you wonder

Given what has happened in the last few days all the things I thought I wanted to cover lost their value. This is all I can muster.

As I watched (via internet) the horrific events occur in France, it made me wonder what everyone was going through. Then I realized I will never be able to imagine what they did/are or will be going through.

Pray for Paris indeed.




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I must be crazy

You wait in stop and go traffic for like an hour due to a fatality. The first thing you do when the traffic opens up a bit is to go at high speed while you weave through traffic. Crazy

If for no other reason, I want the Patriots to win this years SuperBowel forcing Roger “clueless king” Goddell to be the one to had the trophy to Tom, Bill and the boys. Talk about crazy uncomfortable.

I like tea, everyone should know that by now. But my new love for Matcha is crazy. The whole idea of making, foaming and drinking from the same bowl is crazy simple for clean up and best of all, it tastes great. Like I said, crazy.

You know what is really crazy about every election time? The crazy amount of money that gets raised and spent on …advertising. Oh the people we could help with that money.


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